Report Chapters Documentation

What is Report Chapters?

Report Chapters

The goal here is to make it easy to find what you are looking for when you have multiple reports and lots of report chapters.

We think the easiest way to use this for most people is to filter by Tag. The Tags are placed on Report Chapters to help you know what and how to use it. Examples include: School, Work, Stress, Communication etc.

So if you know you would like some help with Stress or your Work life, you could go through the report chapters for Stress and Work and see which one is most useful to your current challenge.

One thing we recommend you do is when you find Chapters that are really useful, then you click the heart button to Favorite the chapter to make it easy to find again.

Filter Chapters

You can easily filter all of your available chapters, to find exactly the type of Chapter you are looking for. Filtering by your Favorites, Tags, Authors, Psych Models, and Chapters you have Polished (or not!).

Simply select your desired dropdown, and choose what you wish to filter by.

Chapters Filter

You can clear that filter by clicking its 'X' button above the dropdown.

Chapters Filter

Sort Chapters

In addition to filtering Chapters, you can also Sort Alphabetically, by Author, by Psych Model, and Newest.

Chapters Sort

When sorting by Author and Psych Model, they will display alphabetically together. For example, all Jungian Cognitive Functions will be together.

Sorting is powerful when used in tandem with Filtering. For example, you may wish to filter by an Author you enjoy, and then sort by their Newest chapters.


With so many Report Chapters available, we wanted to ensure you had a ay to keep track of those you liked the most. That's where Favorites comes in.

Simply click the heart on any Report Chapter you like, and it will forever be quickly accessible from your Faves Filter.

Chapters Favorites Chapters Favorites Filtered


The Chapters Tags are a quick and easy way to understand what a Report Chapter is about, without reading the title or the description.

Whenever you see the #tags in blue anywhere in the website, you can click them to see all the Report Chapters associated with that tag!

In this image, you can see the three tags associated with it are #self-awareness, #self-development, and #work

Chapters Favorites


As you start to use this more and more, you may find that you especially enjoy the content of a specific author. We've made sure all Authors are attributed to their own Report Chapters, and you can easily find every Report Chapter an author has created.

You can click the Author Name on a Report Chapter card, or use the filter tool at the top.

Polish Entries

You can quickly see what Chapters you have Polished, and what Chapters you have not. Additionally, you can see how many entries are on each chapter.

In the below example, there are 8 entries on this persons At Work Guidance chapter (which they have also favorited).

Chapters Polish Entries


If you're just not quite sure how to filter or sort to find a Chapter you're looking for, or perhaps you have something more specific in mind - you can use Search.

Simply type into the Search bar at the top of your Chapters page, and it will search based on the Title, Description, Author, Psych Model, and Tags.

Chapters Search