Polish Journal Documentation

The Polish Journal rounds up every entry you've ever done on all of your Report Chapters, and allows you to filter and sort them all.

One popular example, is the ability to check on tasks you've setup for yourself, all in one place (seen below).

Example of Task Filter in Polish Journal

{warning} If you are working with an expert (a counselor, coach, therapist or consultant) or organization/institution who is also using our software, then they will be able to see your entries. You and the expert will be able to make comments back and forth on your Polish entries.

Filtering Entries

On the left of each Entry in your Journal, is everything you can filter by. Here you will be able to hide and show all Entries based on who they are from, what type of Entry it is, and if there are Comments saved with the Entry or not.

By default, all Entries will be shown when you first load your Journal.

Filter By Entry Person

You can toggle on or off, Entries made by Yourself or anyone else on your Report Chapters.

Polish Journal Filter Person

Filter By Entry Type

Use this to quickly get a look at specific types of Entries you have made.

Polish Journal Filter Type

Filter By Entry Comments

Filter by Entry Comments is here to let you only look at items that have comments, or quickly look at ones without comments (this is handy when you want to touch up your Report Chapters before they are used on your Profile).

Polish Journal Filter Comments

Sorting Entries

On the right of each Entry in your Journal, is everything you sort by. Here you will be able to sort by Report Chapter, Newest Entries, and Most Recent Comments.

Polish Journal Sorting Entries

Sort by Report Chapter

Using this sorting option will display entries grouped together by their Report Chapter, in alphabetical order.

{info} if you want quickly search for a Report Chapter to view all of its Entries, you should visit the Report Chapters page, found inside Reports.

Sort By Newest

Sorting by Newest, you will see the newest Entries at the top of your Journal, and go back in time as you scroll down. Use this to quickly stay on top of what you or someone else has Polished.

Sort by Most Recent Comment

Most Recent Comment let's you quickly get an eye on where comments have been happening, regardless of the time of their Entry.

Stay on top of conversations you are having with someone else (a Counsellor, a Consultant, a Partner, or a Friend for example) - to ensure you don't miss a thing.

View Unpolished Chapters

There's a button in the upper right you can click, to see all the Report Chapters you have access to, that you have not yet Polished.

Clicking this will take you to the Chapters page, filtered by Unpolished entries only.

Commenting on Entries

You can easily comment on any Entries directly inside your Journal, without having to visit the Report Chapter itself. Simple click Add Comment, and write your comment or reply!

Polish Journal Add Comment

Deleting Entries

If you wish to delete an Entry from your Report Chapter, you can click the Settings/Gear icon on the lower right of any Entry, and reveal an Entry control menu.

Polish Sidebar Entry Settings

If you click the Gear, it will display a Delete Entry button. Simply delete the entry and it, and all of its comments, will be gone for good!

Polish Delete Entry

Viewing Entry On Original Report Chapter

You can easily view the Entry in context on its full Report Chapter by clicking the Eyeball icon to the upper right of your Entry.

This will open the Report Chapter in a brand new window for you.

Polish Journal View Report Chapter