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The Explore section of your navigation bar is where you do various activities to explore who you are and how you operate. As you engage these activites, our system will gather and store the psychological data that we use to create your reports.

If this is your first time to the website, this is most likely where you will start off, in the Explore section to take an activity - often called a wizard or an assessment.

What is an Activity (ie: Wizard or Assessment)?

An activity is a sequence of psychological activities and questions designed to help better understand a person’s patterns of behavior.

Explore: Activity List

Explore Activity Box

When your organization assigns you an activity to take, it will appear as a box within this section. At the top of the activity box is its name. Below that is a brief description and possibly an estimate of how long it will take to complete. The bottom of the box will show your next action with the activity and it’s completion status.

Start Activity

If you have not yet taken a wizard or assessment, or if you started taking one and did not finish, a button at the bottom of the box will say, “Start” The first time you start an activity, you will start at the beginning of the assessment. If you are taking a wizard or assessment and stop for some reason, when you return to this page and click “Start” again, you will pick up at the point where you left off.

Incomplete Activity

If you have not taken a wizard or assessment at all, or if you started taking one and did not finish, either way, it needs to be completed. A yellow “incomplete” status box will show at the bottom of the activity box letting you know you need to finish.

Retake Completed Activity

A few things happen when you complete an activity. First, a message will show with your next step. Second, the yellow “incomplete” status box is removed. Finally, “Start" changes to “Retake”. Once you have completed an activity, it will remain here for you to take again if you wish.

Each time you take a wizard or assessment, your psychological results are saved and can be viewed from your profile page.

Why do I have a report when I haven’t taken a wizard?

If you haven't done a wizard, but still have a report with data, it likely means you've done something else that helped determine your personality type and the person who is working with you through this system entered those results.