Release Notes

Release Notes are a list of changes we've made to the software, sorted by date (newest at the top). Here is where you will find updates about feature additions, new Report Chapters from our authors, brand new Explorables, and also any user experience and interface updates, as well as bug fixes.

July 2021

What's New

  • Polish Activities: We have now added a Polish Activity section to multiple Report Chapters, and many more will be added over time.

What's Improved / Changed

  • Printable handouts instructions and layout improved
  • Report Chapter layout updates

What's Fixed

  • Polish bugs squashed
  • Activity Tallies explorable bugs fixed.
  • more protections in place in the event of missing data (no activities completed by a person)

June 2021

What's New

  • Chapters page in the app is now accessible directly from the Navigation sidebar, right below the Reports link.
  • New Teacher Development report chapters added, by author Jane Kise.
  • New Teachers 'What's Next' report chapter.
  • New What's Next chapter created, depending on ones usage of the app.
  • Report chapter from author Sharon Richmond - Leader Styles.
  • You can now Text us at our support phone number!
  • Our videos in when starting an activity, now auto play, while muted - and include automated display of subtitles.
  • Person Detail page (seen by administrators) has more new links added: View Profile, View Activities Tally, View Polish Entries, and View Chapters.

What's Improved / Changed

  • Question based Activites now work in Demo mode.
  • Register page has been updated with some visual updates to work better on Mobile screens.
  • Register pages updated content, depending on how a visitor arrived at it.
  • Updated the colors to allow for more contrast on the 'Sterling Bars' graph - seen in the Legal Trait Analysis report chapter.
  • Updated Integrated Type to include a new Type based model.
  • Profile Edit screen updates, with larger Publish button, and no Preview until all required content is ready.
  • Updated documentation/help about Chapters, Polish, Profile, and Admins-Person Detail.
  • General phrasing/wording updates to content throughout Report Chapters.

What's Fixed

  • Fix to the Polish highlighting function. Wasn't playing nice when 0 characters we selected.
  • Fixing how the app handles the event of a missing Verification result when a user views their reports.
  • Logic for Chapter viewing and tagging updated

Launch 2020 and Forward

In January 2020, Step Research launched the 2nd version of our app. It launched with complete capabilities for users across multiple brands, to be able to take a complete activity, view custom reports based on multiple authors content, and access a historical notification inbox. Administrators could build their own reports, manage groups of people, and view details on a person.

Since then, we've worked to iterate with new features as well as fix bugs and improve on every aspect of the app. We've implemented visual updates (you might notice differences from the app now versus some screenshots in the documentation) as well as entirely new features - and even changed the way we do some things!

Features added since launch in 2020 include:

  • Verification: After someone completes activities, they are now able to review a vote tally of their scores, and verify their personal best-fit.
  • Polish: Anyone can now customize their reports, highlighting what is most them, and striking out what isn't them at all.
  • Profile: Every member of the Step Research App can create their own custom profile report, which includes Report Chapters they have personally selected, and share that profile with anyone publicly with a private link.
  • Explorables - including the online launch of the very popular Magnificent 16: Now custom activities can be created that require their own set of programming rules and navigation.
  • Visual Type Explorer: Now you can make your own Visual Type, that fits exactly how you see yourself!
  • Report Chapter Explorer: We separated Report Chapters form their reports, so you could easily find exactly what yyou were looking for.
  • Report Chapter Tags: With the inclusion of our tagging system, it begame even easier to surface the content you want, when you want it.