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Toolkit: Strengthening Personal Relationships

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Introduction 00

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friends, family, and romantic partners

Your personalized report contains the following chapters:

Insights into Personal Relationships: Key insights and factors for interacting with others outside of work and school.

Communication in Relationships: Highlights how you communicate with those you care about, and how to make improvements.

Barriers & Challenges to Success: Situations or personality features that might get in the way of successful personal interactions.

Values Ranking: Your values ranked by expected importance based on you think about the world.

Romantic Relationships: Helps you develop self-awareness in your romantic relationships

Building a Better Relationship: This activity helps you put together your perfect relationship description, which can jumpstart the conversation with a partner about what you want, need, and can offer your other half.

Insights into Personal Relationships 01

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Key insight and factors for interacting with others outside work and school

Insights into Personal Relationships

With friends

  • I enjoy diverse range of activities with a few close friends, I may also enjoy companionable silence.
  • It is important that my friends accept my quiet, reflective nature and enjoy my quirky sense of humor.

In a relationship

  • Key important factors are respect, being listened to, intellectual stimulation and commitment.
  • I show I care by listening, analyzing and helping to solve the problem.

At home

  • I like home to be a place where I am respected and given space.
  • I like to choose my own path even if it may need adjusting later.
  • I like encouragement to pursue my interest in depth, support, even when ideas maybe unusual, and understanding of my need to enjoy quiet time to think things through.

Independent With Friends:

  • Has a smaller number of close friends
  • Enjoys sharing time without talking all the time
  • Likes a break from large groups
  • Mixes best with friends you know well
  • Respects their privacy

Imaginative With Friends:

  • Accepts friendships may change
  • Enjoys being the ideas person
  • Likes to share new experiences
  • Expect the unexpected
  • Looks at things from every angle

Questioning With Friends:

  • Values honesty
  • Likes a good competitive spirit
  • Wants opinions to be listened to
  • Admires skills and abilities
  • Wants achievements to be noticed

Curious With Friends:

  • Enjoys “hanging out” doing “whatever”
  • Reluctant to confirm plans
  • Hates strict time frames and often runs late
  • Enjoys being spontaneous, loves surprises
  • Plays games according to whatever rules will be more fun
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Communication - Quick Overview 02

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This section is both descriptive and has developmental suggestions for communicating with those you care about.

Communication in Relationships

Beth typically strives to be precise in her communication. She tends to take pride in her command of language, whether it's clever wordplay or finding just the right phrasing to clinch an argument. Sometimes Beth may be so eager to deliver the truth as she sees it that she doesn’t take the time to imagine how her message will be received, perhaps leaving others feeling diminished or dismissed instead of helped.

Communication Energizer

Having the opportunity to talk through issues impartially

Communication Stressor

Others taking things personally or seeing a difference of opinion as criticism

Communication Quick Tip

Before giving advice or pointing out problems, make sure that the other person is open to your input
Communication - Quick Overview Authors
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Barriers & Challenges to Success 03

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What are several key barriers and challenges to success that are likely to recur during life for this person.

Barriers & Challenges

  • Beth typically has a strong need for privacy, an intense interest in just a few areas, and a dislike of small talk, which may make Beth appear distant, anti-social, or confusing to her peers.
  • She may be impatient with those who are less capable.
  • Beth may walk away from situations she sees as unjust, unfair, illogical, or not relevant to her.
  • If pushed Beth may also challenge authority for the same reasons.
  • Managing time, deadlines and completion are often problematic.
  • Concentrating on theory she may miss the important details.
  • Beth can appear compliant whilst ignoring what she sees as stupid rules.
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Values Ranking 04

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Ranks the likely values from most to least likely being important to this person.

Most likely Beth

More likely Beth

Independent & Innovating

  • Clarity
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Rational Decisions
  • Order
  • Autonomy
  • Accuracy
  • Critique
  • Consistency
  • Opportunity
  • Imagination
  • Novelty
  • Learning
  • Developing Potential
  • Openness
  • Open-mindedness

More likely Beth

Visionary & Take Charge

  • Creativity
  • Intuition
  • Foresight
  • Understanding
  • Images
  • Symbols
  • Ingenuity
  • Complexity
  • Significance
  • Structure
  • Goals
  • Plans
  • Objectivity
  • Challenge
  • Candor
  • Decisiveness
  • Achievement
  • Competence

Less likely Beth

Prudent, Inclusive, Proactive, or Persuasive

  • Duty
  • Responsibility
  • Security
  • Tradition
  • Caution
  • Dedication
  • Reliability
  • Proven Experience
  • Practicality
  • Fairness
  • Diversity
  • Respect for the Individual
  • Internal Harmony
  • Trust
  • Genuineness
  • Well-Being
  • Action
  • Variety
  • Urgency
  • Resourcefulness
  • Empowerment
  • Experimentation
  • Efficiency
  • Spontaneity
  • Trust
  • Relationships
  • Tact
  • Passion
  • Commitment
  • Loyalty
  • Group Norms/Protocol
  • Consensus
  • Praise
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Romantic Relationships 05

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This section is both descriptive and has developmental suggestions for handling romantic relationships.

Romantic Relationships

  • Beth tends to be tolerant and fair-minded, trying to understand her environment in order to act as conistently and logically as possible.
  • Alone time is typically a key part of Beth's mental health and it can sometimes be frustrating to a partner how much time she spends on solo activities and her hobbies.

Relationship Energizer

Talking through your thinking with your partner

Relationship Stressor

Feeling exposed or incompetent by having to handle strong emotions

Relationship Quick Tip

Take time to listen and engage directly with your partner, share your feelings
Romantic Relationships Authors
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Building A Better Relationship - Expanded 06

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Build your perfect relationship description

You are missing important data for this report chapter, please make sure you have completed all Self-Discovery Activities from the Explore

Building A Better Relationship - Expanded Authors
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