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Cash Keahey

Cash Keahey

Cash Keahey is a global leader architect. Twenty-three years of diverse corporate experience leading people through mergers, re-orgs and culture change uniquely equip him to consult on people, strategy and execution-and advise leaders on getting results.

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In my work with leaders around the world I have come to these conclusions:

Leadership is very subjective. People’s ideas about, and definitions of, leadership differ significantly. What people want and expect from a leader also varies widely.

A ‘best’ leadership style doesn’t exist. Leaders with very different personalities, styles and behavioral patterns can be successful. ‘Best’ often depends on the situation, expectations, and needs of followers—and how well the leader’s strengths and weaknesses meet those parameters.

All leaders can benefit from being more self-aware. Many leaders don’t know what makes them successful, what’s derailing them, what they truly value, or how to improve. The oracle at Delphi said it best: “Before you can lead others, you must first lead yourself, and before you can lead yourself, you must know yourself.”

Keahey Consulting Group, Inc.

Keahey Consulting Group, Inc.

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Cash Keahey (KAY-hee) is a global leader-architect, having taught 1000's of leaders in 21 countries on 6 continents--face-to-face and virtually--for the last 15 years. He also brings 20+ years of multi-level experience inside diverse Fortune 500 companies in sales, marketing, strategic planning and human resources/talent development.

Drawing on his global leadership development expertise, Cash offers a 12-week intensive in getting things done through others (even on Zoom!). The Elements of Leadership is a holistic exploration of what leaders must know and do to be successful in twelve 90-minute, live modules. Packed with content, delivered interactively, each session does a deep-dive into a key aspect of leading oneself, your team and/or your organization. Email for a syllabus and schedule. Enrollment will be limited to ensure group coaching after each session.