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Katherine Hirsh

Katherine Hirsh

Katherine W. Hirsh, DPhil Experimental Psychology is a writer, facilitator and consultant.

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Elizabeth and Katherine are co-authors, with Sandra Krebs Hirsh, of the third editions of including Introduction to Myers-Briggs Type® and Teams (available in Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish) and The MBTI® Teambuilding Program: Leader’s Resource Guide. Together they co-authored Introduction to Type® and Decision Making and Building Your Career Transition Strategy: A Framework for Managing the Reintegration Process. In addition, they also co-author the Self-Discovery Digest, a blog dedicated to encouraging people to live their best possible lives despite the ups and downs of human experience.

HirshWorks, LLC

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Katherine W. Hirsh, DPhil Experimental Psychology is co-founder with Elizabeth Hirsh of HirshWorks, LLC, a source of information and inspiration for all things type related. As a writer, facilitator and consultant, Katherine is devoted to working with clients worldwide to improve individual, group, team and organizational performance, increase employee engagement and foster personal and professional development. She has been entranced by psychological type for over thirty years. Katherine currently lives in Hamburg, Germany and works globally, consulting with clients locally, nationally, and internationally to improve performance in leadership, team work and decision making in order to promote individual growth and increase personal and professional satisfaction.